Programme of Activities for 2016

2nd-3rd January, 2016 Annual National RA Prayer and Fasting programme to commit the entire year to God
11th-12th February, 2016 National RA Council Meeting at Ibadan, Oyo State
19th March, 2016 Hiking Day (A Walk for Christ)
April, 2016 Pre-Convention Mission Trip/Annual Session of the Nigerian Baptist Convention
18th June, 2016 Fathers Day Celebration
3rd – 9th July, 2016 RA Week
6th-10th September, 2016 National RA Jamboree at Edo Baptist Conference
24th September, 2016 Community Development Service Day
8th October, 2016 Anti-Social Vices Club Campaign Day
3rd-6th November, 2016 Village Evangelism Outreach Day
9th-11th December, 2016 Tracts Evangelism Promotion Days


11 thoughts on “Programme of Activities for 2016

  • I want to appreciate your efforts concerning the creation of this site,I also want to bless God for the grace he has bestowed upon the current executives,may God continually uphold you.
    Pls I want you to include the date for the next year’s R.A. week in the calendar of activities. God bless you.
    Long live Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria!!!!!!!!!

  • this is a job well done. I am happy to be part of the generation that is witnessing this great happening, the date for RA week is omitted which I think may be an oversight

  • I observe d calender of activities is not complete….some event ws omitted e.g the convention date,RA week date ,ltc date

  • Good work but what happen,no programs from June to October included like R A week,next LTC etc.

  • Welldone Sirs in the Vineyard of the most high God. i really want to know the category which our plennipotentiary defense result falls into sir… because we are seeing so many candidate dat are to resubmit due to no correspondence from RA of other country and d likes. Please sir help us out. Ogbomoso Baptist Conference. Thank you and God bless you

  • Good evening sir,
    My name Amb. Oyedemi Simeon Oyelami. I am the secretary of the Association blessing of the Ivory Coast conference. I inform you that our young ambassadors have passed the exams more than four (4) times in four years (4 years), we see only the results but in four years (4 years) we have not seen our grades and we made promises forces so that we wait until now.
    With the respect we owe you, I want you to come to Abidjan to settle this question of grades.

  • Plz upload the RA week program online so that we will kw the theme and bible passage.

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