2017 LTC Notice

Beloved Officers, boys and men of Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria, calvary greetings to you in Jesus name.

I love to personally welcome you in advance to Ede, venue of our LTC 2017 with the theme Open Heavens (Ezekiel 1:1) and to remind you that:
1. Registration of 6000 Naira still continues and it covers Feeding, Accommodation and Conference material.
2. Junior and Intermediate RA parade competition holds aside of their session that holds alongside the Plenipotentiary club hour.
3. Royal blue suit (either long or short sleeve) with RA tie shall be used for the opening ceremony. In the absence of suit, white shirt with RA tie shall be used. Where this is not available, RA uniform and not T-shirt is allowed.
4. Pray for our facilitators as represented by Pastor FAS Akinola (MMU Nat Cord.). Revd Dr Samson Adedokun, (Pst. New Dawn B. P, V/I,Lagos) and Revd. Dr. Philip Oyewale (Pentecost Baptist Church, Liverpool).
5. Sessions on RA related matters will be handled by myself and other Council Members.
6. Hon. Dr. Dawari George shall be with us all through the programme.

Make it a date and may God grant us all journey mercy to and fro the session in Jesus name.

Thank you.
Coun. Ayo Adekunle
RA Marshal

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