2019 Ambassador Plenipotentiary Result and Project Guideline

15 thoughts on “2019 Ambassador Plenipotentiary Result and Project Guideline

  • All protocol duly observed … Please sir, I request to see how my question was marked. The score you sent wasn’t mine, maybe there’s a mix-up somewhere …

  • Good Morning Sir,
    All protocol duly observed. Thank you for the effort and patience it took you to mark and compile the Pleni exams, more grace we pray for you.
    Please I will like to ask that some marks were not written only to see fail or passed. Please kinldy help us to know what actually was the challenge such Ambassador had.
    ALABI, Abiola

  • My name is Idemudia Emmanuel from Edo conference.
    I’d like to register that my script has probably been mixed up. Because I have no score allocated but yet deemed to have failed the exam.
    This could not be possible. And I wish my script be remarked please.

    Ps. I payed a total of #7000 and not even a book souvenir was giving to me. No refund whatsoever. That’s not good.

  • Thanks@Admin. May God Almighty enlarge your coast and increase your boundaries in Jesus mighty name. Eku ise oluwa.

  • With due respect Sir, it is quite sad for me to have failed 2019 plenipotentiary exam. It is also surprising to fail without any score.
    I still wonder how the exam was marked and why I failed. Humbly Sir, is there a way or know what contributed to my failure.
    Thanks Sir

  • Good day RAN,

    It is with great conscience i will say that this year’s senior ranking examination result is poor and an eye soar. With conscience mind will i try to tell RAN that all the score of each candidate be stated in the result and the poor result be work on.

    I will like to request that RAN releases this year’s candidate script to their various conference and also to inform RAN that I belief their is no transparency in this year’s result.


  • it is with a conscience heart will i say this year’s pleni result is very poor. I will like to advice NEC/ranking committee to please work on rectifying the result or send all individual candidate their script through their conferences.

  • Good day to the management here, I really appreciate your effort, I pray God shall continue given you strength and wisdom. Well done!

  • I pass my plenipotentiary exam in 2019, because of Covid19 I was not decorated in 2020 but I paid into the account on 5th June 2020.

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