Attainment of Ambassador Plenipotentiary Rank and the Royal Ambassador Ministry

What is Royal Ambassadors?

Primarily, Royal Ambassadors is the name given to the mission minded boys and young men within the Baptist faith. It is a global organization. It has three levels of Christian education and ministry plan in this order:
*Foundational Christian education- for the Junior category
*Basic discipleship education- for the Intermediate category
*Solid mission education-for the Senior category (our focus in this presentation)
Summarily, it is an organization for :
-Kingdom expansion through Missions
-Christ-likeness (spiritual growth)
– Education and Career Building
-Positive Leadership
-Capacity Development
-Traits Exhibition.
Above all, touching the lives of boysimpacting the eternity of men (vision) sums up the essence as R.A strives to make real men out of boys.

This is the highest rank in the organization and it has two important words; Ambassador and Plenipotentiary. A good understanding of these two words will help in the understanding of the topic. It will also justify its relevance at a time like this when many plenipotentiary officers are not actually living up to expectation. The word Ambassador refers to a diplomat, an envoy, a representative or an authorized messenger. The word which came into use between 1325- 75 A.D can therefore be explained as:. an accredited diplomat by a state to another state as her permanent representative. It can also be seen as. a diplomatic official of the highest ranking sent by a sovereign state to another as its resident representative. It is a word that has a bilateral function. By the R.A commission and declaration, an ambassador is one who represents a king at the court of another king. That means, as an Ambassador, you are a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ (here on earth) with much power and authority. Etymologically, the word plenipotentiary has a Latin origin: Plenus + Potens (full + power) meaning one with full powers. It is not an ordinary term. It is used for a diplomat who has full authority to represent the government of his home country. Full power of representation is conferred on the plenipotentiary by the sending country (herein recognized as Jesus Christ, the master whom we represent). In fact, the word plenipotentiary is regarded as one of the most ten English words difficult to translate and exist almost in all known world languages i.e.
Portuguese Plenipotenciario
Italian Plenipotenziario
French – Plenipotentiare
Romanian Plenipotentiar
Spanish Plenipotenziario.

Therefore, an Ambassador Plenipotentiary is a well trained, educated, and certified senior officer of the Royal Ambassador of Nigeria vested with full authority. Authority to represent, preach and act Christ, authority to train and mentor young ones, authority to act as light to the world of darkness and as salt of life (Matthew 5:14, John 8:2 / Matthew 5: 13 and Mark 9:50); authority to impact the lives of boys and impact the eternity of men, authority to reach point of excellence and stand at the mountain top. He is expected to be versatile, prolific, knowledgeable, faithful, trustworthy and loyal to his MASTER.
The rank under discussion is the highest attainable rank in the organization here in Nigeria. It is enviable and prestigious. It is the dream and desire of all RAS. It is the premises for all other rise/positions/appointments in the organization. An Ambassador Plenipotentiary officer is therefore considered a rugged missionary, a potential soul winner, a capacity builder, controller of resources and a leader capable of shaping and moulding the society.

A practical analysis of the rank itself and its understanding is sufficient to keep the spirit alive. Beginning from the RA shield that houses the crown, the rank is loaded in meaning. The shield as explained in Ephesians 6 vs. 10-17 entails a lot of things:
strength in the Lord vs.10
standing against the schemes of the devil vs. 11-12
firmness in Christ vs.14-15
faith (to overcome) vs. 16
sword of the spirit (word of God) vs.17

To narrow it down, the crown itself is the symbol of the senior RA. It is suggestive of the awaiting victory ( crown of glory) at the completion of our ambassadorial work like Paul affirmed.[ 11 Timothy 4 ; 7-8 ] The crown is a symbol of consecration, elevation, honor, promotion, success and victory. (Akinola. 2017). He opines further that the concept of crown is biblical as such crowns were used for the high priest (Ex. 29: 6, Leviticus 8: 9) or for kings (11 SAM. 1:10). . The crown represents something imperishable (1Corinthians 9: 25). The price for this ambassadorial race as a plenipotentiary (powerful representative) is a crown that won’t perish. It is a symbol of victory (2 Tim 4:7). This is the expected ending hope of every man and plenipotentiaries have the power to lead people to their crown.
The starts are the various categorizations of rewards as every man shall be judged according to his works. The thought and understanding of the rank is enough to keep the RA work and the spirit of the Ministry of Reconciliation moving.
Summarily, the Ambassador Plenipotentiary is expected to;
See the RA work as a ministry (Reconciliation) 2nd Corinthians 3: 18.
See his being in the RA as a calling.
See himself as running a commissioned race (Matthew 28:19-20).
See himself as honorable (the crown is for honorable people).
Avoid anti-social vices behaviors /live a consecrated life..
Be a reading epistle.
Be a role model,/a leader/a motivator/a teacher/a team player
Take actions based on positive initiatives
Be loyal, faithful and dedicated to the organization.
Be knowledgeable in the RA world manual, uniform and ethics, parade, special programmes: nature and conduct, literatures.
Promote the RA Ministry.

Ayo Adekunle,
Marshal, Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria,
@ 1st Oyo Conference Plenipotentiary Club Summit
December 26, 2017.

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