Brief of Men Missionary Union Session during the Nigerian Baptist Convention Annual Session, 2016 in Ilorin, Kwara State


The men of Nigeria Baptist converged again at Winners Chapel, Gaa-Imam in Ilorin during the annual 103rd session of the Nigerian Baptist convention. The gathering was an awesome one as it witnesses an unprecedented crowd in the history of the convention session where the 15,000 seater capacity church was almost filled up by men.

The experience was a beautiful one as men basked themselves in worship adoring God our maker, lifting up their hearts in Praise and prayers as the fellowship flowed with the power of the Holy spirit. Testimonies were shared on God’s faithfulness, protection and provision.

Some high points of the programme were;

Devotion:  by Rev Dr. A.A. Oyelade, NBC Vice Chairman who exhorted the men on the theme “Moving Forward: working out our Salvation with fear and Trembling” Philippians 2:12. He explained that to work out our salvation does not imply we saving ourselves, but rather it’s only through the grace which was given to us according to verse 8 of Philippians 2. He further pointed out that presently a lot of Christians have joined the world hence we need to work out our salvation expatiating on the way we do things especially, the call for us to renounce SIN; Col 6:2-3, 1Tim 6:11-12,  and have perseverance. Finally he prayed and committed the men unto Gods hands and asked that God give us the grace to persevere to the end.

Welcome by the Host conference: The MMU Chairman of Kwara Baptist Conference welcomed and appreciated the assembly of men in Ilorin for the convention and MMU session in particular. He enumerated the various strides of Kwara Baptist conference in missions and its cordial relationship with other religious bodies in the state.

President’s Address: The MMU National President welcomed the men to 2016 convention men fellowship after a wonderful time in Port Harcourt last year August. In his speech he shared the fact the MMU headq1uarters is now functioning like that of any other serious minded organization bridging the gap on service delivering to our men. On missions he mentioned that the Mission committee has been reconstituted with a proposed framework for MMU Mission Policy which is being deliberated by the NEC. Also a Mission Safari is scheduled for Ilaro in Benin Republic from 23rd – 26th
June 2016. For vocational Cells he said the entire structure and policy direction has been revisited and reviewed with a training programme held for all coordinators of Cells and all MMU NEC members. Also the National Coordinator and 3 Deputy Directors will be responsible for the various cells.
In terms of finance, conferences are encouraged to meet up their statutory financial obligation to move the work forward. He said the MMU of NBC will continue to support the men’s work in Africa (AABF) and world level (BWA). He informed that the AABF General Assembly holds from 23rd – 27th August, 2016 at Accra, Ghana while 2016 BWA Annual gathering holds from 4th – 9th July, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada, urging men to be Century givers with $100. The National President enjoined all men not to miss the forth coming Annual Congress in Ibadan which will be used for the commissioning of our Men Centre.

Annual Convention Massage: The message delivered by Rev Dr Andrew Okoro who spoke on the Theme: moving forward, working out our salvation with fear and trembling with focus on the place of Salvation which has so many characteristics. He read from Phil 2:12, and said God did not create life to be stagnated, but he created it that we have to move forward. He explained the definitions of moving, forward, fear, trembling and salvation. Moving forward is making progress; advancing, etc… a call to move forward suggests the following;

(1) Implies that the person has stayed at a place for long time, Deuteronomy 1:6; Success does not come with the principles you knows, but the principles you apply.

(2) Stagnation is the major cause of frustration.

(3) The person is satisfied with his present condition

(4) The fear of obstacle, i.e. the trouble envisaged.

Why must we work out our salvation with fear and trembling?

(1) The days are evil, Ephesians 5: 15-16; 2Timothy 3:1.

(2) The time is short, 1Peter 5:8.

(3) Because our actions and inactions shall be Judged; Matt. 25:36, 1Jonh 4:20-21,

Romans 15:1-7.

In conclusion, he prayed for Gods unity amongst us. He charged that we should accept one another. He also said we should carry our brothers along as seen in Romans 15:1. The strong are those who kept the faith. Finally, we can work out our salvation through prayer.


Greetings and Felicitations:

2The session was also graced with the presence The Convention President, Revd Dr. Supo Samson Ayokunle, the VP Ministerial, Revd. Dr. Dickson Madugwe, the VP finance, Rev Dr Moses B. Adebayo, the VP Admin & HR, Rev. Dr. Audu Marcus, the BWA Men’s Department President Bro. Ayoola Badejo, Commissioner of Police Kwara State and Pastor Timothy, the Pastor of Winners Chapel. They all gave fraternal greetings appreciating the place of men in the convention and the global world.



The MMU session also witness the decoration of Revd. Dr. Gbenga with the rank of Amb Plenipotentiary, having completed all the requirements of the Rank. The certificate was presented to him by the convention president. And also, recognition and appreciation of First Baptist church, Garki, Abuja ably represented by Revd. Dr. Akanji the pastor of the church for their immense contribution to the BMC project with N1.5m and commitment for another N1m.

The newly constituted mission committee was also commissioned as the VP Ministerial prayed for them.

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The session ended on a glorious note with high expectation for the upcoming congress in Ibadan as the National President, Hon. Dr Dawari George thanked all the ministers that found time to be in the session, the parade band members, the choir, and all men for the patience in the session.

Photo  Gallery of the MMU Session below:

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