Happy New Year 2020 Message


The prophetic statements in the book of Joel, Chapter 2: 25-30 captures my mood as I welcome you to the year A.D. 2020 in the Ambassadorial style. I salute the Almighty God for counting us worthy of the new year 2020, it’s simply courtesy His grace upon us all, no more no less and for this I sing praises to His holy name ( what shall I render unto Jehovah, count your blessings,  we are grateful oh Lord ).

As we begin a new year, may all things come out new unto you. As we begin the journey of another 100 years ( if the Lord tarries ), the fulfilment of the prohesy from Prophet Joel is now. This 2020 and beyond, ” the Lord will repay you for the years the locust have eaten ” ( restoration ) and by His mercy you shall be filled because ” you will have plenty to eat” and constantly have reasons to praise God. This centenary year, as the spirit pours on you, His wonders will envelope you and ” never again ” shall you be put to shame. You will dream dreams of glorious future and see visions of a greater tomorrow and they shall be established in Jesus name.

As we cruise the new year together, I call for your prayers and support ever than before. I need you to show more commitment to the things of God through the Royal Ambassadors Ministry of Reconciliation. Faithfully attend chapter meetings, learn to mentor a boy, and be available for the Master”s business even as you grap the leadership opportunities in the organization to develop yourself but not at the detriment of the organization nor the Church of God.. Learn to touch lives and impact eternity. Be on the Lord”s side and learn to be  a worthy Ambassador of Christ and you demonstrate Christlikeness to all that comes your way.

Let me remind you that 2020 is a year like never before in the history of RAN. It’s a three in one year : CENTENARY CELEBRATION ( 1920-2020 ), 7TH NATIONAL JAMBOREE, AND HANDING OVER CEREMONY OF THE 5TH RA MARSHAL OF NIGERIA TO THE 6TH RA MARSHAL . It promises to be great. The Celebration, hopefully kick starts from the April Convention in a manner like before. Watch out for the details and special thanks to our leaders and past Marshal for showing commitment to these three in one Celebration. 

I therefore thank you all for being there for our leadership these past yesrs, for believing in our leadership and for supporting us unconditionally all for the betterment of our Organization and to the glory of God. Once again, I thank you all,  I call for more prayers, sue for your active participation and you can be assured of His unmerited grace , mercy and divine favour as you do His in 2020 and there after.

Truly yours,

Coun Ayo Adekunle ( Post Plen )


Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria.

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