Logo Redesign for National MMU

 This is calling for logo designs for the National MMU. This is part of the ongoing re-branding of the National MMU of NBC. All RAs are encouraged to come up with befitting designs based on the new Vision and Mission of the MMU of Nigeria. All entries are to be submitted via whatsapp or any other convenient means to the National RA Secretary on or before Friday the 14th April 2017. All entries will be considered and the best will be picked.


MMU Mission:
Equipping men for life and godliness through preaching, power, praise, possession and purpose – 2 Peter 1:3.


MMU Vision:
To be the foremost men moulding organization in Africa and beyond.

Thanks and God bless.


Coun. Bitebo Eregoba (Post Plen)
National RA Secretary

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