LTC, 2015 Theme Song “We Stand by Grace”

Verse 1

We stand by Grace

We stand as the Ambassador of Christ, our Lord and King
We’ll do our best to live for Christ

As the Spirit leads us

We live by faith

And not by sight

To show forth this light

A chosen generation

We are living by God’s grace

Chorus: O————OO——-O oh o oh O, oo (2x)

Verse 2

Isaac planted crops in the land
And reaped that same year

A hundred fold

Because he was surrounded by God’s grace.

We need the grace for excellence

As we grow in this work

But by the grace of God I am whatever I am now


We are the leaders

Excellent leaders

We are Victorious in Jesus’ Name.

(Wordings by Coun. Pastor Oyibo, C.E.)

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