Marshal’s Address to local Churches


Brethren, Christ- like greetings to you and may the peace of God through Christ Jesus be with you all. I welcome you to the 2020 Royal Ambassadors Week Celebration. This is coming in a special way this year considering the global covid 19 pandemic and the demise of our National President. This is why the Centenary will not be celebrated this year but only be mentioned that RA Work in Nigeria is 100. ( 1920-2020 ). God willing, drums shall be rolled outnext year for this Celebration in grandstyle.

I therefore appreciate our Pastors, MMU Leadership, Patrons Forum, Counselors, Parents and all stakeholders who have been working with us at all levels to make sure that the RA Ministry of Reconciliation grows and that real men are made out of boys.The time for the local church to invest into the life of the boys is now. Such an investment today brings gain tomorrow. Train up your boys today, immune them against the prevailing end time societal decadence. Be interested in their spiritual growth too. 

Our theme for consideration this year is apt as there could be no other time to need “ the power of the holy spirit  than now. It’s thesaving power we need. It’s the healing power. It’s the comforting power. It’s the guiding power. It’s our power of protection. It’s the much needed power for evangelism and soul winning. It’s the power of salvation through His saving grace. It’s the unfailingly power a man needs for a successful life journey. You need this power, aspire to have it, it is totally free but on willingness to have it. The biblical text for consideration is Acts 1:8, 8 :9-25.

I therefore wish you a great celebration full of the manifestations of the power of the holy spirit and may the gates of hell prevail not against our churches and boys in Jesus name. Happy RA Week Celebration 2020.

Yours in His Business,

Coun. Ayo Adekunle (Post Plen.)
Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria,
Men’s Missionary Union,
Nigerian Baptist Convention.
July 5, 2020.

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