Marshal’s Convention 2019 Address

Our last gathering dated back to October 2018 at Ede, Osun State for the National Leadership Training Conference. Recall that this type of session did not hold last year owing to the ongoing programme restructuring of the Convention. I therefore rejoice in the name of the Lord and the power inherent in His name for the grace to gather here again. We say to God be the glory for His enduring mercies over us all and the organization. That we are not consumed is a product of His mercy and grace and this I don’t take for granted. To God be the glory.
1. NLTC 2018:- The National Leadership Training Conference 2018 held successfully at Ede between October 17 – 20 with the theme “Fresh Fire for Leadership” (John 4: 23-24). The programme featured leadership talks, bible teachings, prayer sessions, talk against vices and promotion exercise. Thanks to the likes of the Revd. FAS Akinola, Revd. Dr. Philips Oyewale, Osun Conference President, Revd. Dr. Tunde Jenfa, the National Coordinator of the Uniform Organizations in Nigeria and our own Convention Chairman, Revd. Dr. Olumide Kehinde. The programme was a success and I give kudos to all the participants.
The efforts of RAN at reaching out to the unreached is growing unabatedly. Our passion for missions work is on the high and I am happy that conferences are catching the fire of missions.
• Calvary Baptist Church, Imesi-Ile, Osun State. The church is growing and providing spiritual backup for the students of the private polytechnic at Imesi-Ile as well as the indigenes who have started joining the church. The pastor called by RAN to pastor the church is trying his best and we pray to God to continue to endow him with vision.
• Also at Imesi in the month of November 2018, RAN had a three day open air crusade and God glorified Himself. People gave their lives. About 40 senior Royal Ambassadors from Kaduna actively participated in the Open air crusade. I do sincerely appreciate them. Medical Evangelism also featured at the crusade as the medical team ministered to over 80 people. Lagos West boys also had three days missions work at Imesi in the month of December 2018. Both conferences offered financial support to the growth of the church at Imesi-Ile.
• Triumphant Rally held successfully at Ilorin. RAN participated at the Ilorin citywide Palm Sunday rally and God took the glory. Special thanks to the RA Director of Kwara, his executives, Baptist pastors and other denominational leaders for making the programme a success. Earlier, the National team worshipped at the First Baptist Church, Suurelere, Ilorin before the start of the successful rally.
• Within last year and now, we had embarked on tract writing and publication and have also observed tract evangelism days from November 1-3. Thanks to conferences who actively participated.
• Church-based revival holds in the last week of May, kindly pray along.
• In this dimension, we keep improving on the standard in terms of quality of content and printing. You might be doing yourself disservice if you are not in tune with these literatures. 2020 Christ Ambassador shall be our August this year. Gifted Hands 2019 (RA Week Programme Booklet) has been out since January this year. Get copies for yourself and chapters. At this Convention, the much awaited Drill Book is out. This deals with issues of parade for the purpose of meaning, importance and uniformity in words of command.
• We have introduced name tag officially for all ranks from Intern to Ambassador plenipotentiary. It goes for ₦500. All you need to do is to register through your Conference Director.
• Again, ceremonial rank has also been introduced for all plenipotentiary officers. This goes for ₦1,000 and strictly for ceremonial purposes. Abuse shall be dealt with accordingly.
• Customized T-shirts in three different colors of the RA are also available for sale. Get copies for yourself and loved ones as limited copies available at this session.
• All other materials are still available for sale at this Convention. Take your chance to have copies as we have also improved upon the materials.
• By the grace of God, over two hundred people shall be promoted at the forthcoming 4th All Africa Baptist Royal Ambassadors Conference in Edo in the month of September. This set of people alongside the Ambassador plenipotentiary Club and mission volunteers will be going to Oko-Ile, Ogbomoso on a mandatory missions work as a final condition for promotion. I hope they will put in their best at the field for the sake of the Master’s business.
• As from this year project writing shall assume new dimension. Researchable topics shall be given as project topics and I am sure this will add value to the system.
• Respect for Senior Officers won’t be taken for granted any longer as this is a disciplined organization. Compliment is important and should be treated as so.
• Wrong use of uniform will also be frowned at, let us desist from wrong use of uniforms. Where you are in doubt, please ask questions.
The two existing clubs within the organization aren’t doing badly. The Antisocial Vices Club successfully rounded off her peaceful participation campaign towards the recently concluded 2019 General Elections. The grand finale held at Abuja with much publicity. I am grateful to the FCT Conference and the Club Coordinator and his team. Conferences that staged the campaign or produced one material or the other in support of the campaign are also appreciated. For the remaining part of this year, the club’s emphasis shall be on the effects of cultism.
• The Ambassador Plenipotentiary Club is growing and I do hope that all conferences will catch this vision. The club is for missions and missions alone. It will also help in the mentoring of boys for the purpose of fruitful living. Ours is a world of positive impact. I am grateful to the Club National Coordinator and his team as well. At the September programme, list of Conferences where the club exist shall be published for the purpose of encouragement and motivation.
• We have commenced skeletal furnishing of the secretariat building located at the Baptist Men’s Centre, Molete, Ibadan. The conference room has been equipped with banquet chairs and we have started furnishing the offices. We hope to complete this before the end of this year as funds come in. In case your chapter is willing to partner, our needs at the secretariat building are: 5 executive chairs, 5 executive desks, fridge, generator, computers and photocopies.
• By this grace of God, we have called a staff to the office. By implication, the office is opened 24hours now from Monday to Friday within the hours of 8am – 4pm. Take time out to visit the office anytime you are around the city of Ibadan.
The official facebook account, the closes group account are all functioning well. I urge you all to be weary of what you post. Administrators have been told to delete people posting irrelevant and unedifying things. Since the whatsapp is filled up, telegram has also been created for the purpose of information sharing. Do not forget that Mondays are no posting days in the Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria whatsapp and telegram groups. Adhere to this to avoid deletion from the group. Our webpage remains All payments can now be effected online.
The All African Baptist Royal Ambassadors is growing. The next and fourth edition of the All Africa Baptist Royal Ambassadors Conference (AABRAC) will hold in Nigeria, Edo State (Benin City). Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria is partnering with the Royal Ambassadors of Africa to hold this conference. Prayerfully begin your plan for attendance as the next edition holds outside the shore of Nigeria come 2022. I am impressed by the level of preparations from Edo and I thank the conference for this. Ensure you attend as the experience shall be unique, a conference like never before it shall be.
New Leadership has emerged for this group and shall be formally adopted into the Council at this convention. Those who handed over to them shall be appreciated at the next programme in September by God’s grace. I therefore call on all Conferences to allow these boys flourish as they are the beauty and future of the organization. Do not forget that it is easier to mould a boy than to mend a man.
10. MMU
The MMU, under the new leadership of Dn. Michael K. Oyegbile is interested in the mentoring of the RA to a greater height. We have good and cordial working relationship and this is expected to be replicated at the conference – association – church levels. The MMU Annual National Congress holds in Ogbomoso in the month of August and all senior RAs are expected to attend and participate. Recall this will be the first in the life of the new leadership of MMU and our support is needed.
Mobilize for the programme and pray for it’s success. Come October in Lagos, the Baptist Men of Nigeria will be hosting the first ever All Africa Baptist Men’s Congress under the banner of AABMF. The AABMF President, Hon. Dr. Dawari George is congratulated in advance. RA session shall also hold there, plan to be involved. God bless you all.
I told you we have been able to register RAN with CAC at the last NLTC in Ede. I am happy to inform you that the Anti Social Vices Club (ASUC) has also been registered with the CAC. This is a plus to RAN as this will boost the performance of the club.
On daily basis the expenditure of the organization is increasing. I therefore call on you all to improve on your givings. Give sacrificially. Council is considering other options of making money for the organization and soonest this shall be unfolded. Pray along with us.
All voluntary uniform youth organizations in Nigeria have come together now as one. A camp just ended at Abuja. You are enjoined to work together with other uniform organization is your state after which the national body will come down to formally inaugurate the body. Think on this
The 4th All Africa Baptist Royal Ambassadors will hold in Nigeria, Edo State (Benin City) from September 4-7. It will be co-hosted together with the Royal Ambassadors of Africa. Plan to attend as the next edition holds outside the shore of Nigeria by His grace. It promises to great. Do not be told, partake.
15. RAN CELEBRATES 100 IN 2020
By the special grace of God, RAN shall be celebrating her centenary next year at Ibadan. It’s also the year of another Jamboree and the emergence of new leadership. So, next year is our centenary celebration year and we are set for it. At the September conference, detailed calendar of activities shall be rolled out. Plan to be involved as we celebrate God’s goodness.
I congratulate the WMU of Nigeria on her 100years celebration. RAN receives greater heights for the Union. We celebrate the past and current leadership of WMU and thank them for pioneering the RA work some 99 years ago. God bless our mommies. We are proud of you as we give you our standing ovation.
I thank you all for your love and support both to the Ministry of Reconciliation and the leadership, God bless you all. Learn to be a faithful steward and be ready to experience His Glory. Ours is a season of glorious movement.
I love you all.
Thank you.

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