RA Marshal’s 2017 Convention Address


“Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name, make known among nations what he has done”. psalm 105:1

Beloved officers, men and boys of the Orders of Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria, join me as we praise God in Unison for His love over the organization these past years, and indeed the last three years.   “Now our God we give you thanks and praise your glorious name” (1 Chronicles 5:13) for how far you have led us. I give you thanks on behalf of all for your love endures forever. You have remained our strength, our shield, our helper and we rejoice in you always (Psalm 28:7). Blessed be the name of Lord

Before my emergence as the 5th R.A Marshal in 2014 August, this organization has been blessed with good hands. At no point had the organization experienced bad leadership starting from Dn Bayo Oyeniyi to Dn J. O. Oyeku to Dr. Dawari George and Pst FAS Akinola, the story has been from glory to glory. Ours has been celebration of glorious past. This administration inherited a celebrated organization with vision and mission. I therefore celebrate these heroes standing for numerous others I could not mention. Your efforts have not been in vain and we celebrate you. Soonest, RAN shall be hundred years (100), hundred years of fruitful ministry, of impartation and of raising young men into ministry and leadership positions both in the circular and religious world. Ours is going to be a centenary celebration of God’s faithfulness amidst us.


These past three years, the current leadership has consolidated on the achievements of the past administrations and have institutionalized a system that will outlive individuals. We have also been able to take further steps for the growth and betterment of the organization to the glory of God. Below is a brief run down


We have not only maintained the tempo but added value to it.  We have developed a master plan for the teaching and retraining at RAS in the aspect of missions as potential missionaries. Every RA now has a passion to help others in Jesus name. This is also making the individual RA to grow. The culture of Pre – Convention mission work is retained with increased participation and result. Ambassadors now attend in large numbers ranging from 350 to 400.

We have also introduced the idea of village evangelism. We started in 2015 when we spent three days at Isoko mission field, Delta State. In 2016, we were at Boriya, Buruten Mission field also for three days.  This year, the village Evangelism shall  be done on regional basis to allow for mass participation and coverage since there are more lands to capture for the Lord.

We have also provided financial aids to churches, mission fields, missionaries and needy individuals. This is aside of the money for tract evangelism. In fact we now have days set aside as “tract evangelism promotion days.”

Triumphant Rally has also been introduced to proclaim Jesus and Press home the relevance of the death and resurrection of  Christ. This is new but is receiving greater support across conferences. It is an attempt to return to the basic. It gladdens my heart that conferences have given in to the challenges of missions. Association and churches are not also left behind. I charge you to keep it up while the national shall continue to provide a guide and lead in this direction. Do not forget we are a missionary organization. The cavalry Baptist church Imesi – Ile is growing despite all odds. We keep paying the pastor. I call on chapters to visit the church and identify with the brethren and the pastor there. If you care to partner with RA on missions, do not hesitate to see the mission officer or myself. The Lord bless you as you do this.


We have improved on the quality of our programmes with reference to the presentations and quality of speakers which have been attracting greater participation and we shall keep this up. For instance, early morning prayer tagged “moment of mercy” has been introduced to our annual session while “Night of Destiny” and “Anointing Service” have been brought into our NLTC. This year we intend to step up by adding Lord Supper as part of our spiritual closing exercise for the October NLTC camping at Ede. Quality time shall be used to discuss issues on Royal Ambassadors and Leadership. Pray along for grace to attend so that you can enjoy Open Heaven for maximum impact in all aspects of your life.


This is one challenging aspect, I must confess. However, we have been able to come up with workable solutions. We have given franchise to registered individuals and conferences. This method is ensuring regular availability of RA materials at various conferences. This has been in operation for the past two – three years and it has been fruitful. We have tried to ensure quality control as well. We have been able to introduce uniform material for quality and colour uniformity. This started about two years ago. In terms of literature, their quality and content have improved. See 2017 Christ Ambassadors and Gifted Hands for confirmation. Ensure your chapter have copies. All RAs are admonished to have a copy each, especially the yearly book, Christ Ambassador. 2018 edition of Christ Ambassadors shall be out at the Kogi Congress this August by His grace. The biannual publication, Embassy Watch continues not minding the cost. Thanks to the founding fathers of these literatures. Royal wedding booklet is also reprinted and available for all. Do not forget, RAN has zero tolerance for both the wrong use and production of illegal materials.


This club was introduced to the national level two years ago for the purpose of missions and evangelism. It is a forum for the highest ranking officers of the organization to show leadership in the aspect of missions. It is helping to keep senior officers in the organization and prepares them ultimately for future spiritual exercise. The Club meets twice a year and have executed two missions works (Isoko 2015 and Boriya 2016). We shall not relent until all plenipotentiary officers catch the fire of evangelism. I welcome the newly elected officers into the club of plenipotentiary and I challenge you to make a difference Deploy things you have learnt into practical mission and let God be pleased with you as you do His work.


This club is open to wiling members of the organization and also existing in Conferences. Am happy to inform you that the club has staged rallies against vices in streets of major towns in Nigeria on the evils of social vices and have printed banners, fliers, posters, periodicals to campaign against vices. Within the last two years, over twenty schools across the federation have played host to the ASVC. The second edition of the Standing Tall shall be out August 2007 to mark the 40th year anniversary of the MMU of Nigeria. Copies shall be placed in our higher institutions free of charge. You can partner with the club. If you are so inspired, see the Club Coordinator or the RA Marshal.. The Coordinator is working out the possibilities of collaborating with NGOs in the aspect of ASVC campaign. Let us collaborate to kick out vices from our society since vices are not virtues.


This has also improved greatly. A lot of inspiring and innovative changes have been brought to our parade. We shall not   however relent until our best is achieved in parade competition. We have also added parade competition as a feature of the NLTC especially for the Junior and Intermediate Royal Ambassadors. This started in 2016. Our ranking system has improved. Many are now willing to bag the prestigious Ambassador plenipotentiary rank. To me, this is encouraging. It also tells us to do more, maintain the ‘sacredness’ of the rank without ‘defilement’. The Council is guarding  jealously the integrity of this rank. This year, the project writing has changed.  Each prospective candidate shall now have a researchable topic. That means, if you are not well grounded in RA and the Bible, attaining plenipotentiary rank might be a dream, an illusion. Do not be discouraged anyway you shall find it rewarding at the end of the day. This year, a total number of 209 Ambassadors shall be promoted to the rank of Ambassador Plenipotentiary.


The RAN Constitution has been reviewed and passed since the days of Pastor FAS Akinola as the RA Marshal. However some modifications have been made and the present Council has ordered the printing of same and for it to be available for all. It will serve as a good guide. Use it in line with the RA manual, there should be no conflict of interest between the two. They complement each other.The Drill Book has been reviewed and approved by the Council February this year. It shall be made available at the 2017 October NLTC at Ede. This is to ensure uniformity in parade. The first drill book was out in the days of Dawari George as the RA Marshal and Coun. James Emmanuel as the Parade Commandant, The dress book has also been reviewed by the council. It only remains the aspect of band dress and designed shirts that we are looking into. Once these are concluded, the book shall be out. Our target is October NLTC to enable us discuss. The review of the RA Manual has been concluded. Some things have been added while some expunged. We shall not rush to print out the new manual pending the completion of the rebrinding as this may also affect the manual being our age long guide book.


Effort are on to ensure this forum is pro – active. The introduction Dn Micheal Oyegbile to this forum  has been result oriented. At this meeting , Revd.Dr kehinde Olaleye  of Niger / kebbi conference shall also join the forum . I am sure the two shall work together with others to ensure viability of the forum for the growth of the organization.


This was a capital project a tall dream but we are grateful to God for its actualization. Within a record of twelve calendar month, we are able to build and dedicate our National Secretariat Building inside the BMC, Mclete, Ibadan. I am grateful to Conference and Chapters who identified with us. The Support from Dr. Dawari George, Dr. Michael Oyegbile and First Baptist Church, Garki, Abuja deserve special mention. As usual, the MMU as body provided good support for this project. God bless you all. The building still requires some finishing work with reference to   furnishing. Your chapter can do something in this regard.

  1. MMU

The MMU leadership under Dr. Dawari George has been very supportive and encouraging. We have received good mentoring and leadership from the MMU these past three years. We give our support to the ongoing rebranding of the MMU (RA inclusive) as it remains a needed agenda for the organization to remain relevant in this current age even as mission minded groups. We are also set to give our support to the MMU work in Africa.


Let me appreciate the good work relationship we had with MMU West Africa under the chairmanship of Rev.Dr. Oladimeji with reference to the establishment of RA work in Cotonou, Benin Republic Baptist Convention. Today, the RA work has gained ground in countries like Ghana, Liberia, Niger Republic, Benin Republic, Cote D’Ivoire and Zambia. In Cameroon, the group is known as BB but efforts are on to ensure a reverse of name from BB to RA. The September 2016 AABRAC Conference was well attended even by the delegates of the countries listed above. We hope to spread the ministry of   reconciliation in Africa with the support of the AABMF where Dr. Dawari George is the current President. I have been asked to speak to the leaders AABMF at their forthcoming executive meeting in June this year on Royal Ambassadors.


As the Lord lives, our tomorrow is great. I see a Royal Ambassador that is responsive to circular and spiritual challenges of life. I see an organization that houses and parades array of stars, successful individual in their areas of callings. I am convinced, the future of this Convention depends largely on the boys of today. An investment into the Royal Ambassadors is an investment into the sure future of the Convention. The world is waiting for the RAs to take over as light of the world, salt of life and as shining examples. Join in this dream.


Beloved, as we gather in this convention do and x-ray at your various challenges and make bold to lay them up at the feet of the master Jesus. You can overcome challenges of life through Jesus Christ alone. He is able, abundantly able to meet all your challenges. Trust in Him, reference Him and make Him the Lord of your life. Let me therefore thank everybody, my  National Officers, Council Members, RA Leaders and boys for your unflinching support. We look forward to receiving more of such support. The leadership of the MMU and the convention are also appreciated. Once again, thank you all and looking forward to seeing you at Ede come October 18 – 21, 2017.

Remain Blessed.

Coun Ayo Adekunle
RA Marshal of Nigeria

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  • The RA Marshal, we are proud of your God-given leadership. It’s purposeful, innovative, spiritually inclined and mission-conscious. Keep breaking new grounds for the Master Jesus, the good Lord will grant you higher grounds in Jesus’ Name. Please, do keep the tempo high in all the idea and ideal of the Organization. By God’s grace, the future of the organization will be great courtesy your leadership.
    Johnson Balogun, Amb Pleni

  • pls sir it wiil be nice if we can have the drill book and each years RA promotional week activities book on this platform so that we can download. thank you sir Amb Ephraim from southern kaduna baptist conference

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